RME-V01: PPS meter

By on Jan 10, 2015. Posted in .

RME-V01 is a Time & Reference measurement equipment for GPS or GLONASS based syncronization systems able to check the performance vs time, correlation between 10 MHz reference and PPS, NTP or PTP Server with an optional Rubidium inside. RME-V01 can also generate 10 MHz and PPS outputs choosing the best reference in input. The device has two different couples of inputs (10 MHz, PPS) to compare (with the internal GPS or GLONASS receiver) the stability vs time, relationship between the two PPS input signals and the correlation between each source: 10 MHz and PPS. RME-V01 is made for applications where the stability and the relationship between multiple time and reference are the key point of the transport chain like: DVB-T in SFN mode, DAB, LTE and all the applications where GNSS synchronization is required. RME-V01 is managed by web based GUI, and/or SNMP. For local configuration LCD and keypad can be used. Feature of RME-V01 is also the possibility to characterize the quality of the sources provided to the equipment through the analisys of the Deltaf/f ratio of each source. RME-V01 can be used as stand-alone equipment or with the internal GPS / GLONASS receiver, or with a high stability Rubidium for an accurate graph of the references applied. RME-V01 can be programmed by user for threshold alarm, in order to provide fault situation using TRAP over SNMP v2 protocol.

For more information visit the RME-V01 product sheet.