MXS-EVO & NANOREF bug fixes

By on May 02, 2013.

In the latest firmware releases (both software and hardware) of MXS-EVO and NANOREF we changed the operation of the following LEDs:

  • PTP: enable, unicast and multicast,
  • VLAN enable,
  • BERT status,
  • BERT channels,
  • PPS insertion.

More in depth... PTP, VLAN, BERT status and PPS insertion have been switched from 3 status LEDs (grey, red, green) into a 2 status LEDs, red and green only. Red for false or 0 value and Green for true or values different from 0. Regarding instead the BERT channels we decided to remove the red status. The following table shows the mapping of the new LEDs.

Grey color: the LED is set to OFF status, the channel is not selected.
Yellow color: the LED is reserved by the board, the channel can't be used.
Green color: the LED is set to ON status, the channel is selected.

NANOREF - E1 Configuration Panel

Furthermore the following bugs were resolved:
  • PPS insertion LED now trigger the right value when turned ON/OFF,
  • BERT status LEDs now trigger the right value when turned ON/OFF.