New Feature available: NTP Server

By on Jun 12, 2013.

update - Wednesday 12, June 2013
Screenshots of the new feature available.

We have just introduced on all our ZilogĀ® based equipments the NTP server (SNTPv4). From now on all the new devices will have the feature implemented by default. This new feature can be applied by simply downloading and installing the latest firware available (documentation tab of each single product sheet) for the following devices:

While on:
  • GPS-DS-8,
  • GPS-SU-8,
  • GPS-LC-8,
  • GPS-DR-6,
  • REF-DS-10
must be done in our labs. If you own one or more devices in the list above and you are interested in the new feature please contact us. Below a gallery preview of the feature on GPS-DS-8.

GPS-DS-8 NTP Status Info Panel - no hardware upgrade

GPS-DS-8 NTP Status Info Panel - with hardware upgrade

The datasheets of the above products DO NOT reflect yet the NTP Server update. They will in the upcoming future.