By on Jan 22, 2015.

Easy-CS3 it is specifically designed for remote managing of the Microsemi CsIII Model 4310B on a network IP. All switches and controls transiting from the RS232 serial port on the back of the Microsemi CsIII Model 4310B are converted on the IP network and can be accessed through Web Interface, SNMP and Telnet.

Easy-CS3 allows PTP and Sync-E functionality on a GbE network. Leveraging the stability of the Microsemi CsIII Model 4310B the functionality of Great Master Clock on a PTP network protocol is immediate. A series of SMA connectors allow in fact to use the clock source at 10MHz, supplied by Microsemi CsIII Model 4310B, as frequency reference of the IP network compliant Sync-E. Besides being fully compatible with a PTP network Easy-CS3 operates both as a server and as a client for the synchronization signal available on the Microsemi CsIII Model 4310B. Using three distinct SMA connectors, Easy-CS3, is able to generate (or receive) a synchronization signal from the Microsemi CsIII Model 4310B (Sync or 1 PPS) other then the 10 MHz TTL or sinusoidal reference. The user can thus easily use all the features of a Cesium Oscillator directly over an IP network avoiding costly and unnecessary signal converters.

Easy-CS3 allows to convert any RS232 I/O interface into a double GbE connection using SNMP protocol or its own Web interface. This feature allows to simplify the remote connection with the device without the need for a dedicated PC with a serial link. Thanks to the presence of the GPS receiver and its own high stability OCXO, Easy-CS3 allows the Microsemi CsIII Model 4310B to provide sync protocols for New Generation Network like PTP – IEEE 1588v2 and SyncE. Moreover the unit can act as NTP Server due to the fact that Easy-CS3 is provided with dual redundant GbE interface. Each GbE interface can be completely configurable indipendently with two different IP addresses. Easy-CS3 can be directly powered by the Microsemi CsIII Model 4310B. However it can also act as AC/DC converter able to convert 110 or 220 VAC into 48 VDC. With this configuration the Cesium Oscillator is able to have a redundant homogeneous power supply.

Easy-CS3 is an extremely compact plug-in module able to be installed on the Microsemi CsIII Model 4310B in order to allows it to provide a wide range of signals, usually not present in the device, like E1/T1 or 2.048 MHz.

For more information visit the EASY-CS3 product sheet.