Embrance the power of the ultimate Bluetooth® technology


BluePlug by Digital Instruments is a power strip whose socket can be remotely controlled using the Bluetooth protocol and a Smartphone, allowing you to manage the switching on and off of connected devices.

Apple Inc. has given us the MFI (Made For iPhone, iPad), allowing us to develop accessories operating with their products.

The control of individual sockets is managed by an App (soon available on the App Store) that will automatically recognize BluePlug and, with a simple interface, will allow its usage. BluePlug represents a low-cost home automation application, combining Bluetooth technology with its ease of use to the vast possibilities of the latest generation of smartphones.

BluePlug does not aim to be only a functional device, but also a design object, following the winning approach of Apple products.


BluePlug has a MFI license. Made for iPhone, Made for iPad. Communicate to customers that BluePlug has been designed to connect specifically to iPhone, or iPad, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple® performance standards.

International Socket

BluePlug can be easly connect in most of the european countries thanks to its universal socket.
Note: pictures on the website may slightly differ from the product sold.

Free on App Store®

BluePlug software, and updates, can be download completely free from the App Store®

Unique Design

BluePlug has a new unique design who has been awarded Innovation Design Project 2012. It has been designed by IED students on a contest "Un designer per le imprese 2012" organized by Material ConneXion and it will be in exposition during the "Triennale" in Milan.

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